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School Visits


“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation to Ramona Elementary students, you are a fantastic presenter —your interaction with the students during your presentation is masterful. Thank you again for giving your time, talents and wonderful message.”

Kris Flynn
Coordinator, Media Services 
Literacy and Student Achievement
San Diego County Office of Education


“...The staff at our school was overwhelmingly thrilled with the presentation. I received comments on Lori’s preparedness, approachability, and professionalism. We felt that she really got her message across to these young writers on how much effort goes into making a book....I would highly recommend Lori Mitchell as a speaker. She presents excellent material and really engages the audience. She was very easy to contact and to work with”

Donna Nasielski
Authors’ Fair Chair
Adobe Bluffs Elementary School

Options and Fees:

The school talk consists of up to 3 assemblies a day, each 45 to 60 minutes long, with an additional 15 to 20 minutes spent with the kindergarten class. There will be time for autographs at the end of the days assemblies.

There is a free five day lesson plan that can be used after the assembly to reinforce the information covered. There is also an autographed bookmark and coloring book pages that can be downloaded from the website.

The fee is $1,250.00 for schools in the San Diego area. There will be additional travel expenses for travel outside the San Diego area.

There is a 10% discount if you book more than 1 school in your area (outside of San Diego).


What Will The Assembly Cover?
Lori talks about all the different people that are involved in getting a book published. She goes over what it takes to be an author, publisher, editor, designer, illustrator, printer, and bookstore owner. Student volunteers pretend to be each of the different people. She talks about where ideas come from and she gives examples of what inspired her and how she never gave up, even after many rejections. She will also point out the San Diego connections, games and pictures hidden throughout the book.


The presentation will also cover diversity and the fact that we are all different yet so much alike.


Lori has given her talk all the way from kindergarten on up to college, and varies the information accordingly.


You can download more information about the school talk at the bottom of the page.


The program is approved by the Serra Children’s Committee. The Serra Library system includes these California Library districts: Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Escondido, National City, Oceanside, San Diego City and County Libraries, and Imperial Valley Libraries.


I was invited to do my presentation for the following:

I have been visiting elementary schools since 1999.


Here are a few of the various organizations I’ve presented to:


Greater San Diego Reading Association Authors Fair 
San Diego County Office of Education
Linda Vista, CA


Los Angeles Braille Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Girl Scouts of America
Books Alive, Summer Camp
San Diego, CA


Upper Education


San Diego State University
Inclusion Class
San Diego, CA
Instructor: Doug Fisher


Palomar College
Child Development Class
San Diego, CA


United States International University
Children’s Literature Class
San Diego, CA


Click here to download a sheet on How to Raise Money for the School Talk


Click here to download school talk information






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