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Holly Bloom's Garden

Holly Bloom wants to be a great gardener but she doesn’t seem to have the knack. Despite suggestions and support from her family – all great flower-growers – Holly just can't seem to get her garden to bloom. She tries almost everything but her daisies keep drooping. Through trial-and-error and with great perseverance, Holly figures out a way to grow her garden in her own way.

The cover image of Holly measuring herself against a tall sunflower encapsulates her yearning to see how she measures up against the excellent gardeners in her family. This charming book uses playful language to teach plenty about gardening, but more about the joy of being yourself and finding your own true talents.


Life's Building Blocks

The Spruce Street Six™ are close friends that get into some difficult situations. They work together, along with the guidance of Zaki the Character Chameleon™, who changes color to help them make right choices. Whenever they face a moral dilemma the reader will be privy to their internal dialogue. This will show WHAT they decide, HOW they decide it, and WHY. At the end of each story, in the “Something to think about” pages, Zaki™ explains different ways to look at the moral dilemmas and decisions presented in each book. Each story is fun and engaging and gives the child something to think about and put into use in his or her own life. It’s a wonderful jumping off point to get a conversation started about how to do the right thing when it may not always be the easiest thing to do.

Written by Linda Rosenberg.

Marfan Syndrome A-Z

Marfan Syndrome A - Z features: 34 pages of vivid illustrations of diverse children and families in real-life situations, normalizing the child’s experience with Marfan syndrome; A specialized illustration style that lets children complete coloring in the pictures, plus more coloring pages available online; Hidden pictures on each page children can have fun finding; A glossary of helpful terms for parents and children.

Marfan Syndrome A – Z was written collaboratively by a committee consisting of parents of affected children, an affected adult, an elementary school teacher, a genetic counselor, social workers, and National Marfan Foundation (NMF) staff members.  The illustrations were created by Lori Mitchell, award winning author and illustrator of Different Just like Me.


Bal Yoga for Kids

This fun & easy method teaches kids yoga poses from A-Z, with a book, sing-along CD and easy-to-follow DVD  all included!  The kids yoga DVD demonstrates each pose, while the CD includes a song for each letter.  The book introduces each yoga pose with whimsical illustrations that stretch the body and imagination!  Designed for ages 3 and up. 

Written by Glenda Kacev & Sylvia Roth. Illustrated by Lori Mitchell.

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